Social Optics

Equipping Teens
with a Communication Toolkit
for Social Emotional Well-being
Social Optics
Equipping Teens
with a Communication Toolkit
for Social Emotional Well-being

Seeing Differently.
Communicating Clearly.

Effective social communication relies on the ability to use a set of critical thinking lenses quickly and interchangeably in rapidly evolving social interactions. It's not easy - for anyone - but it's especially tricky for autistic adolescents and those with other neurological differences. Social Optics recognizes that diverse learners benefit from using their strengths to create positive relationships. We improve self-esteem, self-confidence, and social opportunities by increasing self-awareness and expanding social choices.

"When I started out [using Social Optics] I thought that this was a sign of how much lower I was compared to “The Average.” I was angry for this and always thought I needed to fight for my rights, until I realized I was wrong. When the teachers presented the “Lenses,” it made me start to think that actually, it is hard for everybody, not just me or even the class." - Sophomore, 2019

Our Mission

We're focused on helping teenagers live their best lives. We do this by helping them improve:
We teach a framework to help make sense of social situations using direct instruction.
Problem Solving
Once students understand social information, they are empowered to make choices and understand the likely outcomes of those choices.

This leads to more meaningful connections and relationships. Opportunities open up, and well-being is boosted.

The Platform

Social Optics is a web app that delivers direct instruction in a fun, anime environment. Our software collects data on a student's understanding of communication fundamentals, tracks progress, and provides feedback for students, teachers, administrators, and parents on individual dashboards.

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What Makes Social Optics Different?
Being a teenager is hard.
For everyone.
But especially for adolescents that think differently.

Social Optics focuses on helping teens as they
create their own personal identity
and step into self-awareness.
Social Optics is part of a research study with the University of Montana MIND Lab. The mission of the MIND (Meaningful Intervention for NeuroDiversity) Lab at the University of Montana is to investigate the effectiveness of evidenced-based practices for people that experience autism and neurodiversity across the lifespan and explore pedagogy related to adult learning.
The Heart of Social Optics
Our co-founder Carolyn Long was featured with her former student on the "Two Sides of the Spectrum" podcast.

Listen here to learn what we're all about.
VITAL Prize Discovery Round
Social Optics has advanced to the VITAL Prize Discovery Round with the National Science Foundation (NSF)! This is an incredible program built from a partnership between the NSF, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Schmidt Futures, and Walton Family Foundation.

Read more about it here.
Social Optics on The Teacher Story
Carolyn Long was featured on the "The Teacher Story" podcast with Jackie Scully.

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